Ice Cream Bike, Coffee Bike, Library Book Bike, Mobile Experiential Marketing Bikes, & other Vending Bikes

Icicle Tricycles builds custom cargo bikes! Ice Cream Bikes, Popsicle Bikes, Coffee Bikes, Flower Bikes, Juice Bikes, Beer Bikes, Pet Food Bikes, Experiential Marketing Bikes, and more. Our cargo bikes are built to peddle! Great for selling just about anything, as well as a great marketing solution to promoting your company or client’s brand.

  • Icicle Tricycles Bike - Eat a Fleet

    Icicle Tricycles Experiential Marketing and Advertising Bike – Eat Fleet Product Demonstration

  • Tequila Vendor Bike

Our basic Icicle Tricycle comes equipped with 7 speeds, a reinforced folding frame, easily customized insulated box, and multiple braking mounts! Our cargo bikes have all the “extras” as standard equipment! These bikes are easy to pedal and great to use for vending or peddling!

We can ship our custom cargo bikes worldwide to help your business get started or to grow. We offer custom wrap advertising, custom box builds, as well as custom frame colors.

Icicle Tricycles Salad Bike

Icicle Tricycles Salad Bike

We have over 10 years of cargo bike and trike business experience. For many years, we have developed helpful strategies and learned many lessons running our own fleet of Ice Cream Bikes in Portland. Feel free to call or email with any questions. We are always happy to help people get rolling!

We also provide Icicle Tricycle Ice Cream Bike Service in Oregon! Contact Icicle Tricycles for events, weddings, summer camps, private sporting events, parties, and graduations. Our Ice Cream Bikes carry all natural, made in Oregon treats!

Market & Advertise directly to your customers using a unique custom vending bike

Icicle Tricycles Experiential Marketing Bike

Please call us or use our ‘contact‘ page to send us any questions regarding our Icicle Tricycle Cargo Bikes.

Our main business is building custom vending bikes for customers!  From popsicles to gourmet pet food, Icicle Tricycles is the resource for helping mobile vendors get rolling!

We ship our ice cream bikes and custom marketing bikes all over the United States and Canada.