Experiental Mobile Marketing Bikes

Marketing & Advertising Bikes for sale

Icicle Tricycles builds custom experiential marketing bikes.  Our Advertising bikes are the best way to get your message out rolling on the streets and engage with potential customers! Why be stuck in a parking lot, when our Icicle Tricycle advertising bikes can go direct to potential customers with our experiential marketing product sampling bikes!  Icicle Tricycles is well versed in building custom marketing bike fleets with tight timelines.  Icicle Tricycles has all your marketing and advertising bicycle needs covered in house.  Icicle Tricycles helps in every step of the process from creative dreaming to delivery!  If you can dream it, we can build it!  Please contact us at Icicle tricycles and we can help get your message rolling!

Icicle Tricycles also coordinates experiential marketing campaigns throughout the U.S. and Canada!  Please contact us for a quote, we would be happy to deploy a branded fleet of product sampling and advertising bikes at your desired locations!