Custom Built Cargo Bikes for Vending, Marketing, and Product Distribution

Icicle Tricycles Experiential Marketing Ice Cream Bike being ridden down a pier

Wheels Made to Move Your Business.

We custom build cargo bikes for commercial vending, marketing, and delivery services – Food Bikes, Beverage Bikes, Coffee Bikes, AdBikes, and our famous Icicle Tricycles Ice Cream Bikes.

Icicle Tricycles Ice Cream Trike for Coconut Girl Paleo Ice Cream parked at the beach

Our cargo bikes are made to vend, market, and distribute brand presence in an environmentally friendly, zero-emissions kind of way. Wheels to roll over your company’s carbon footprint!

A custom laser engraved cedar box ice cream bike being ridden by a man near a creek on a sunny day

Mobile marketing activation platforms powered by you. A business you can pedal! A vending and marketing solution that moves at the perfect speed – bicycle speed!

Two Rockstar caterers with faux wood vinyl wrap The Walrus and carpenter oyster Icicle Tricycles Ice Cream Bike Vending cart on a sunny day

We have a passion for getting businesses rolling. Specializing in helping business owners with experiential marketing campaigns, pop-up shops, start-ups, advertising strategies, and for selling just about anything.

Custom branded green icecream bike at a popup food pod on a sunny day

From flowers to coffee, and grocery delivery to marketing clothing, there is a bike business for any business. A niche market for already existing products!

Icicle Tricycles Experiential Marketing Bike used as a popup clothing shop outside

An Icicle Tricycles Clothing BikeSchoola Marketing Campaign

Designed by you, hand-built to order, and shipped to you fully constructed and ready to roll. All of our vending and advertising bicycles are custom built by hand.

two people high fiving over a custom branded ice cream bike in a park on a sunny day

Designed by people who love bikes, ride them daily, and are connected to the cycling community. We also have years of experience running our own fleet of vending, marketing, and delivery bikes. We live and love pedal power!

two people jumping in the air with joy and pointing at a custom vinyl wrapped branded coffee bike vending cart

We build our bikes in the spirit of cycling activism. Our cargo bikes are a reflection of our passion for cycling, environmental sustainability, and a carbon neutral future.

two happy baristas with a custom cedar box cold brew coffee bike at an event

Contact Icicle Tricycles today to get your business rolling! We ship all over the United States and Canada.

Woman riding a cedar cargo box Icicle Tricycles Cold Brew Coffee Bike in the woods

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