Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you ship to Canada?

A: You bet!  We have a lot of experience shipping our tricycles to Canada. We love Canada!

Q: How do I buy an Icicle Tricycles Cargo Bike?

A: Email us at, or contact us using our online form to get the process started.

Q: Who are you – what’s your history?

A: About Us

Q: What types of cargo bikes do you offer?

A: What’s the limit of your creativity? Contact us or click on any of the following text links to be directed to the page description of some our bikes:

Vending Bikes | Experiential Marketing and Advertising Bikes | Distribution and Delivery Bikes

Some of our most popular options:

Q: Where can I find photos of your bikes?

A: Right here in our gallery.

Q: How do I contact you?

A: Right here!

Q: How can I find out more about Icicle Tricycles?

A: Visit our ‘About Us’ page, contact us using our contact page, or check out some of the links below:

Q: How does the Icicle Tricycles Cargo Bike operate? Is it easy to ride and steer?

A: Just like riding a bike – but easier!

With two front wheels, the bike holds itself up. Similar to having a pair of training wheels on a bicycle, our trikes are balanced to ride smoothly at the push of your feet. No need to do anything but sit down and relax!

The steering and handling come from a comfortably distanced handlebar, set-up just like a regular bike. No roller coaster steering! Just a cushy normal style handlebar system with easy access handlebar gear shifting. Just hop on and ride out. That’s it!


Q: Is there a parking brake?

A: Yes. With the push of a button!

Q: Is there any assembly involved?

A: No. All Icicle Tricycles builds are shipped in complete construction. Ready to roll right out of the packaging! Our bikes are rigorously tested in-house by experienced bike mechanics. A bike pump for your desired tire pressure is all you really need.  Just hop on and roll out.

Q: Is Icicle Tricycles a franchise?

A: No. Icicle Tricycles is not a franchise. We have a lot of bike business experience and we’re happy to give it out, but once you buy the bike, it’s yours. Your business, your logo, completely your own revenue. In other words, your bike business is none of our business!


However, we do our best to promote and advertise you! If you so desire, we can link to your company website, feature pictures of your company doing business, or post news articles promoting your business. We love to get small business owners rolling! Our company promotes cycling, environmental sustainability, carbon free businesses, and an overall healthy lifestyle.


We can also leave you alone! Don’t want us to promote you? No problem. Your bike business, not ours.

Q: Is Icicle Tricycles on a social media service? Where can I follow you? Are you active in the online social community? 

A: Follow IcicleTricycles@icicletricycles on Twiter, Icicle Tricycles on Facebook, Icicle Tricycles on Google+

Q: Can I speak with someone at your company directly? Can I call you?

A: If you have a very specific question that can’t be answered using our online contact form, try and email us directly at (We’re busy but happy to chat. 360-510-1818)