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Icicle Tricycles

We are the world’s premier provider of hand-built, commercial vending and delivery bikes: ice cream bikes, coffee bikes, cold brew bikes, food bikes, book bikes, experiential marketing and advertising bikes, and more!


Icicle Tricycles is a company empowered by a long and rich history in the commercial cargo bike industry. Our family legacy of bike couriers started in Oregon’s capital in 1935, then found itself in the tundra of the Yukon Valley with a trike full of popsicles. Since 1999, we have been building, operating, and perfecting our cargo trikes for your business!

We’ve delivered flowers on three wheels, and delighted weddings, summer camps, and religious groups with ice cream and other frozen treats. Our sister company delivers 10,000 copies of the Portland Mercury on an Icicle Tricycles fleet every Wednesday, in rain, sleet, snow, or shine–but mostly rain. In the ever-evolving world of business and technology, there are some things that remain tried and true, and we’re not afraid to stick to the basics.

Your business will not go unnoticed when it is on a bike. Whether you are promoting a brand through experiential marketing, or selling your product directly, riding your trike through city streets and festivals, or parking it in your restaurant or at a farmers’ market, Icicle Tricycles will always draw a crowd.

Icicle Tricycles can be found rolling all over the United States, Canada, and the rest of the world. We have built trikes for small summer businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between. Our famous ice cream trikes are just the beginning. We provide fully customized trikes to deliver your brand, message, and product right to your target customers. Coffee bikes, beer bikes, juice bikes, salad bikes, soup bikes, donut bikes, a bike decorated with your logo to just ride around town–you dream it, we can help you build it.

Our cargo bikes are a reflection of our passion for entrepreneurial spirit, environmental sustainability, and cycling. We have a long history of providing fully coordinated, turnkey marketing campaigns utilizing our custom marketing bikes, and we love sharing business ideas that we’ve generated over the years to help companies and communities grow.

We are proud of what we do and admire the hard work and ambition of our customers. We‘d love to help you get your business rolling.
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 Icicle Tricycles Book Bikes - bikes for book distribution, marketing, and delivery.

Cold Brew Bike

An ice cream trike being used by a school to sell clothes on a play ground

Cold brew coffee being poured from the tap straight from a bike / trike


Our Mission.

A group of people smiling and surrounding a cold brew coffee tap ice cream trike / bike

Our mission is to help new and existing businesses to get rolling! Our cargo bikes are a reflection of our passion for entrepreneurial spirit, environmental sustainability, and cycling.

A Popsicle Ice Cream Bike

We love sharing business ideas we’ve generated over the years to help companies and communities grow! We are always happy to be a resource. No need to reinvent the wheel!

a st-germain branded stained cedar ice cream marketing beverage trike / bike

We are devoted to fostering bike-businesses from Ice Cream Bikes to Bicycle Cafe fleets, to Book Bikes or branded Margarita Bikes – Whatever you can dream, we can help make a reality!

yadani wood laser engraved marketing cargo cedar box bike / trike

We provide fully customized Advertising Bikes and Marketing Bikes to deliver your brand message directly to your target customers.

laser wood engraving on a cedar cargo bike / trike box

From our standard options to our wood burning and laser engraving services, we offer a full range of design features to boost your brand. We can help your cargo bike dreams come true with custom vinyl graphics, powder-coats, and specialized builds to show off your brand.

the cheddar peddler darigold bike / trike food cart business advertising



Icicle Tricycles goes way back. From our days peddling popsicles all the way from the tundra of Canada to the bridges of Portland, we’ve been nourishing communities with sweet treats and products from trikes for many years.

Historic Icicle Tricycles Ice Cream Bike Trike Service - Serving hungry construction workers in Portland, Oregon.
Historic Icicle Tricycles Ice Cream Bike Service – Serving hungry construction workers in Portland, OR.

From our Ice Cream and Popsicle Bike to our Newspaper Delivery Trike, or on our flagship Flower Bike, we have a long and dedicated community history in vending and product marketing.

Icicle Tricycles Newspaper Delivery Bike - Delivery Bikes to ride out the word!

Icicle Tricycles Flower Bike

If you’re looking for how to start a business on a bike, we’ve got the wheels for it! We understand every step of the process, all the way up from the frame foundation to rolling out on the road.

Columbia Experimental Marketing cold brew coffee tap ice cream bike / trike

From hot and cold food and drinks to bikinis, we can build you a bike that fits the image of your business. We have real street vending experience. We also have a passion for bicycles – our whole team bikes to work!

A group of young people smiling in front of a cold brew coffee tap ice cream bike / trike with custom branding in new york city

We take pride in not only providing great vending bikes but also in offering to help with business and cycling advice to new entrepreneurs.

If you’re looking for how to start a business on a bike, we’ve got you covered!

two people very happy with their Market Town Wood Wrap Bike box branding Cold Brew Trike Coffee Bike Icicle Tricycles


Our Specialty.

We know how to market, advertise, and distribute products. From ice cream to coffee, and flowers to jewelry, we have a long history of providing fully coordinated, turn key marketing campaigns utilizing our custom marketing bikes.

smiling people sitting behind a St-Germain Branded Wood Cargo Ice cream Bike Mobile Icicle Tricycles Designed Beverage Cart

From our world famous Ice Cream Bike to our new Cold Brew Bike, or our flagship Flower Bike, we have a long history of product marketing, distribution, and vending.

Green Icicle Tricycles Product Sampling Bikes - Food Bike Model Ice Cream Bike

With our passion and years of experience pedaling and building commercial cargo bikes, we can help your new or existing business to get on the right path – the bicycle path!

cold brew being served from a Cedar Cold Brew Coffee tap Ice cream bike by the water.

Smiling team of people with mobile information kiosk ice cream bike in front of a fountain.

Mobile Information Kiosk Book Ice Cream bike / trike at a festival

Why be stuck on the side of the highway on a billboard, when an Icicle Tricycles Advertising Bike can roll directly to your target audience!

a woman sitting on a cold brew coffee tricycle ice cream bike and a dog sitting on the ground.

From our Cold Brew Bikes to our Clothing Bikes, we’ve built a bike for just about any bicycle business venture you can dream up.  Wheels to get your business rolling!

Mrs Delicious riding an ice cream tricycle bike through a park

Our Experience.

Meeting tight timelines and providing beautiful custom marketing bikes for product sampling, marketing campaigns, and business start-ups is just another day at the shop for us at Icicle Tricycles.

Coffee being served from a custom wrap cold brew coffee ice cream bike / trike

From businesses big and small, from homegrown cargo bike entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, we’ve built for the best:

No matter what the size of your business is, we design cargo bikes to get any business rolling!

A custom wrap branded cold brew coffee tap ice cream bike / trike in front of a yellow brick wall



“Outside of the concept being fun and easy to plug into any event, the people at Icicle Tricycles are great. We had a short notice order for two bikes, and they did just about everything they could to expedite the process. The bikes arrived in time, in great shape, and performed beautifully. They’re high-quality units and the people clearly are passionate about their work.”
Customer Google Review

“Ryan, mate, you have made the process easy and enjoyable!”
Jesse Benson – Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia

“Thank you, we love it!”
Fairmont Olympic Hotel

“Icicle Tricycles made our supersampling for the Gold Cup, Timbers, and Thorns matches so much more effective! With this unique mode of distributing product it really grabbed the attention of fans and passerby’s alike! Ryan and the whole team at Portland Pedals are great to work with, and very accommodating to our ever-changing schedule and last minute adjustments. Very impressed by the on call maintenance team and their ability to make fixes when needed. I would highly recommend an Icicle Tricycle to spruce up a promotional event or private party.
Leo Pichette
Community Outreach Coordinator, Golazo All Natural Beverages


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