Tall Box Trike – Tall Vending Bike

The Tall Box Trike

Starting at $2,900/$3,925 CAD

This vending bike model has a taller cargo box, and a non-folding black frame, which allows for a larger cargo weight limit, and for additional room in the cargo box.

Our Tall Box trike can accommodate two 5-gallon Sankey kegs using a low profile Sankey connector. Tap Setups are an additional cost.

Our Tall Box trike comes fully equipped with our Standard trike features: a gloss white cargo box on a black frame, 7 speeds, umbrella holsters, and multiple brake mounts.

Custom Vinyl Wrap

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We can print any graphics, artwork, or logos you provide! 

You or your designer can then place all of your artwork and graphics in our template.

Stained Cedar

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Here is our chart of available stain colors. The top row represents the stain colors for the cedar box and the bottom row represents available lid colors.