The New Library Book Bike

Icicle Tricycles is rolling out our new library book bike for all of the amazing libraries and schools across the United States and Canada!

Icicle Tricycles has been building library book bikes for schools, bookstores, and libraries across North America for many years. With our new 2021 model, we aimed to make our best design yet.

We’ve created library book bikes for many schools, local libraries, and bookstores. In 2018 The American Library Association Conference presented our UNCG School of Education bike!

2021 library book bike with books

We built the new 2021 model without changing the features that made our original book bike so amazing.

We kept both the interior shelf as well as the side door with a latch closure. The interior shelf makes storing and displaying books easy and beautiful. The side door makes the interior more accessible to everyone! The book bike comes with a graphic vinyl wrap as well, perfect for displaying your school, library, or bookstore logo.

We’ve made the chalkboard bigger for the new Icicle Tricycle Library Book Bike! This new Book Bike is the perfect place to show off books of the day, the newest titles, or interesting reads! The features create even more space for books, as well as anything else you may need! The front shelf is perfect for a laptop or cash register and folds down out of the way when not in use.

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We have designed our new Library Book Bike to have an internal shelf for displaying and storing many different titles and authors. It is the perfect place to display larger options such as children’s books or magazines! We’ve also included a clear brochure holder, which is great for brochures, maps, and bookmarks.

Our bookmobile bikes have been a part of Book Bike Week, sponsored by the Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services, in many different cities. Be a part of Book Bike Week locally with your own Icicle Tricycles Library Book Bike!

Our 2021 Library Book Bike is easy to operate and allows for easy social distancing. The Library Book Bike is a great way to take your library or bookstore outside! We custom build each library book bike to order in our shop, and we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and service! Contact us today to get a quote for your very own library book bike! Let us help make your dream a reality!

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