Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What is Icicle Tricycles?

We are a small business in the Pacific Northwest specializing in built-to-order commercial vending and delivery bikes. We are proud of what we do, and we have a great story. Check it out here.

What kind of cargo and vending bikes do you make?

The kind of cargo or vending bike that you want! We create custom trikes that are useful for a large variety of businesses. Ice cream trikes are what we are best known for, and our namesake. Over the years, customers have also used our trikes to sell hot coffee and espresso, cold brew, beer, juice, salad, baked goods, flowers, books, and plenty of other awesome products. We can also make trikes for experiential marketing, distribution, and delivery. Send us an email with your idea!

How do I contact you? Can I call you?

We love emails! For all customer service needs please email us at [email protected] to start a conversation. We are a small business, we all stay pretty busy, and we don’t have a call center, so we like to only accept calls by appointment. We would be happy to schedule a call with you, especially after we have answered your initial questions.  We prefer to start all correspondence through email so that you can get everything you need in writing, and that is how we will schedule your call as well! 

We are on the West Coast and our availability for phone calls is 10 AM to 4 PM PST Monday through Friday. We can answer emails quickly, Monday-Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM PST.

Where are you located?

We manufacture and ship all of our trikes from our headquarters factory in Portland, Oregon! Icicle Tricycles was founded in Canada and we have an office in Victoria, B.C.  We ship all over the United States, Canada, and around the world!

Buying an Icicle Tricycle

How do I purchase an Icicle Tricycle?

You can email us at [email protected] to get started or fill out the inquiry form on our Contact page. We do most of our correspondence through email, we have real humans answer every inquiry, and we will guide you through designing a trike that fits your business needs.

Do you have a showroom or another way that I can see the trikes before ordering one?

Our headquarters is also our workshop; we stay very busy building and shipping trikes from right here, and we don’t have a showroom or retail space. However, we will occasionally offer shop tours. All tours will be scheduled at least one week in advance. You can email us for more information!

Is there any assembly required?

Nope, we ship almost all models fully assembled. They are ready to roll right out of the packaging. They are built and rigorously tested in-house by experienced bike mechanics. A bike pump for your desired tire pressure is all you’ll really need. Just hop on and roll out.

Where can I find examples of your trikes?

We have a lot of pictures right on our website! Check out our gallery, or select the type of trike you’re curious about from the drop-down menu!

Payments & Shipping

How does the Shipping work?

We offer shipping to either a freight terminal in your area for will-call pick-up, to a commercial address of your choosing, or to a residential address. We ship many of our tricycles fully built!

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes. We are a Canadian business, as well as an American business, and we have shipped everywhere from Newfoundland to the Yukon and beyond!

What about overseas?

We have also shipped outside of the U.S. and Canada many times. If we can’t get a trike right to you, we are happy to ship to a U.S.-based freight forwarder of your choosing.

How soon can I get an Icicle Tricycle built and delivered?

We build each trike by hand, specific to each order. We do have rush orders available for urgent timelines. Your turnaround time will be impacted by your model selection, the options you choose, how quickly you get us your artwork, and where you are located.

Delivery times vary from three days to three weeks, depending on your shipping selection.

What if I need a trike sooner?

If you have a tight deadline, please feel free to check in with us about the availability of rush orders. We can offer a speedier build depending on the season and our current crew capacity. It never hurts to ask! 

What are your payment options?

You can find all our payment options here!

Do you have financing options?

Icicle Tricycles partners with Clicklease Financing. contact us for more info! We do, however, recommend that you tell us more about what you are interested in so we can get you an invoice before applying. You are more likely to be approved if you can provide a close estimate of the amount you need to finance.

What is your refund / return / cancellation policy?

We do have a satisfaction-guaranteed policy. If you are not satisfied with the trike within 3 business days of receiving it, you may return it to us for a refund of the build price as long as it is still in like-new condition. All refunds incur a 15% Refund fee. We do not issue refunds for custom options. The customer is responsible for properly packaging the trike and for all return shipping costs.

Refunds are not available for custom options. The customer is responsible for properly packaging the trike and for all return shipping costs. Please note that all returns will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and will be approved at Icicle Tricycles’ discretion.

Any order that is canceled after it has been entered into production and before shipping will also incur a 15% Refund fee.

Customizing My Icicle Tricycle

What frame colors are available?

There are typically six standard frame colors available: Red, Dark Blue, Royal Blue, Pink, Dark Green, and Black. These are subject to availability. Standard colors are included in the standard price and turnaround time. We can also get you a custom color for additional expense and turnaround!

Can I have a custom frame color on my Ice Trike?

If you would like to go with a custom color on your Icicle Tricycle, we offer Custom Powder Coats.

A Custom Powder Coat Color adds an additional 6 weeks to turnaround time. Custom Powder Coats are available on all Ice Trike models except the Deep Freeze.

These colors are subject to availability. For a Custom Powder Coat Color, we will need the RAL number of the color you would like. Please see the RAL Powdercoat chart for all color options!

Available Powdercoat Options
Available Powdercoat Options

Can I add an umbrella for shade and visibility?

You bet! We offer branded and unbranded umbrellas that mount perfectly to our Ice Trikes.

Our trikes come standard with umbrella holsters on all four corners of the trike box. The holsters can accommodate a 1.5″ umbrella pole on all four corners of the trike box. This is a standard size for most patio umbrellas. We’ve had folks purchase umbrellas either locally or online.

Unbranded Umbrella

We offer unbranded umbrella options! Our standard umbrellas come with white poles in black, dark green, dark blue, red.

Branded Umbrella

As a premium and highly recommended option, we offer branded umbrellas printed at our in-house print studio! Once you have been invoiced and we have received your payment, we will send you the Adobe Illustrator artwork template for the umbrella.  You or your designer can then place all of your artwork and graphics in the template and send it to us for approval and printing.

How big of a cargo box is available?

Our Tall Box Trikes can accommodate two 5-gallon Sankey kegs using a low profile connector. It is based on our Standard model trike, but has a taller cargo box and a non-folding frame. This allows it to handle both the height of the 5-gallon Sankey kegs, and the increased weight of full 5-gallon kegs, and for additional room in the cargo box.

The overall size of the Tall Box Trike is similar to our Standard Model, although the box height has increased and the center of the trike frame is fixed (does not fold) which increases the overall weight capacity of the trike.

What is the cargo box made of?

We offer standard white cargo boxes on all of our Ice Trikes. Most people opt for a Custom Vinyl Wrap, which we produce at our in house printing studio

As a premium option we offer Cedar Cargo Boxes. We have 9 different stain options to choose from.

Cedar Boxes add three weeks to the turnaround time.

Stained Cedar Box Options

We have a wide selection of wood stain options for our custom cedar cargo box models.

Available Powdercoat Options

Can you put my logo and color scheme on the box?

Yes! You have two options, depending on your cargo box material choice.

Custom Graphic Vinyl Wrap

For our standard white cargo boxes, we offer a Custom Graphic Vinyl Wrap. We can print any graphics, artwork, or logos you provide! We provide photos of the completed units, prior to shipping. We ship all of our branded trikes ready to roll!

Vinyl Wraps have an additional 1 – 2 week turnaround time from when we receive and approve your final art.

Once we have received your order payment, we will send you our Adobe Illustrator artwork template. You or your designer can then place all of your artwork and graphics in the template and send it to us for approval and printing. Your turnaround time will begin once we receive and approve your final art in the template.

Custom Engraving

For our Stained Ceder Cargo Boxes, we offer engraving for logos and artwork. Pricing is based on the number of sides you wish to engrave and the size of your artwork.

Engraving adds 1 week to your turnaround time.

We recommend stains #1-#2 for engraved trikes. We will need your artwork or logo sent to us as a vector art file.

Operating My Icicle Tricycle

Are the trikes easy to operate?

Absolutely! With two front wheels, the bike holds itself up. Similar to having a pair of training wheels on a bicycle, our trikes are balanced to ride smoothly at the push of your feet. No need to do anything but sit down and relax!

The steering and handling come from a comfortably distanced handlebar, set-up just like a regular bike. No roller coaster steering! Just a cushy normal style handlebar system with easy access handlebar gear shifting. Just hop on and ride out. That’s it!

Do the trikes have parking brakes?

Yes. Each brake has its own lock, and your trike will stay put!

How do I keep items in my Ice Trike cool?

Our cargo boxes are modular, you can use a variety of cooling products to keep things cold. Over the years of running our own vending trike business, we have experimented with many different solutions for keeping a load cold.

On our local trike fleet, we exclusively use Gel Pack Blankets, we use 4 per trike. We like them because they can wrap around the top and sides of the product and can be recharged by throwing them in a freezer. They hold up well to daily use.

Company Information

Is Icicle Tricycles a franchise?

No. We have a lot of bike business experience and we’re happy to give it out, but once you buy the bike, it’s yours. Your business, your logo, completely your own revenue. In other words, your bike business is none of our business!

However, we do our best to promote and advertise you! If you so desire, we can link to your company website, feature pictures of your company doing business, or post news articles promoting your business. We love to get small business owners rolling! Our company promotes cycling, environmental sustainability, carbon free businesses, and an overall healthy lifestyle.

We can also leave you alone! Don’t want us to promote you? No problem. Your bike business, not ours!

Are you on social media?  

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I still want to learn more!

Visit our ‘About Us’ page, contact us using our contact page, or check out some of the links below:

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