Library Trikes – Expanding Literacy on Wheels!

COMOX VALLEY BOOK BIKE: Comox Valley Lifelong Learning Centre librarians show off their book bike. (Photo: Instagram)

In 2021 Icicle Tricycles released the Book Bike model; a special trike made with librarians and communities in mind. This model features a chalkboard, a custom wrap designed by each customer, chalkboard, inner shelves, and more. Each of these models is designed and personalized by customers in partnership with Icicle Tricycles. Striving to create eco-friendly and affordable options for literacy movements everywhere, this trike has already touched the lives of hundreds of customers, as well as thousands of community members. 

ATHENA PUBLIC LIBRARY BOOK BIKE: Athena Public Library uses its book bike in a summer program event outdoors. (Photo: Instagram)

Libraries have by far been the biggest supporter of the Book Bike. With models from coast to coast, it’s hard to miss these awesome trikes in any local library. From Collegiate to Public, to Private; institutions everywhere are putting their trikes to good use in the name of reading! Libraries of any shape and size are using their trikes for events, as well as day-to-day operations. The mobility of the book bike model allows for many new forms of outreach, from outdoor events to a daily book bike delivery route and more. With the high-capacity storage provided in the book bike, you can even begin to deliver more than just books! Libraries have found that peddling school and community spirit gear has been easily integrated with Book Bikes!

+PYD: Oak Park & River Forest Townships use their Book Bike for their Positive Youth Development Program. (Photo: Instagram)

Aside from libraries, our Book Bike has also found its way to expand the reach of national parks, community outreach programs, nonprofits, and more! From the Sunshine Coast of BC to Positive Youth Development programs in the midwestern United States; The Icicle Tricycles Book Bike knows no bounds.  Even Hospitals are beginning to use the Book Bike for information mobility. With features like brochure holders and a large chalkboard, it’s easy to get outreach rolling anywhere you can imagine. It has been amazing to witness all of the amazing things our customers have been able to do with our Book Bike model! 

Street books: The very first pushcart book bike model created by Icicle Tricycles for StreetBooks.  (Photo Courtesy of Icicle Tricycles)

Moving forward into 2022, the Book Bike continues to find new ways to support our communities. Now available in a Pushcart form, the Book Bike has become even more mobile! This space-saving model opens another door for literacy everywhere, and hopes are high for the effect this will have on customers everywhere. From libraries and bookstores to tourism in national parks, the reach of the Icicle tricycles book bike expands every day and will continue to do so, alongside the amazing customers working hard to spread literacy and community outreach wherever possible.

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