Icicle Tricycles Cold Brew Coffee Bike Business Highlight: The Nitro Bike

Alex and Erin Pujol owners and operators of The Nitro Bike

Today’s business highlight is the Cold Brew Coffee Bike business The Nitro Bike located in Visalia California! The Nitro Bike specializes in unique flavored vegan friendly Nitro infused beverages poured straight from the tap of their custom branded Icicle Tricycles Cold Brew Bike!

gourmet cold brew coffee being prepared on The Nitro Bike branded Icicle Tricycle cold brew bike lid

Alex and Erin Pujol are the entrepreneurial owners and operators of The Nitro Bike. Alex and Erin took their “passion for coffee, people, and creating unforgettable memories.” and worked hard to make their mobile coffee shop dreams come true. 


The Nitro Bike branded Icicle Tricycle Cold Brew Bike Coffee Cart in full operation at a mobile cold brew coffee business

The Nitro Bike fuses their coffee and tea with natural nitrogen gas that changes the texture of the beverages to be more creamy and velvety. They offer unique and vegan-friendly nitro infused beverages such as Nitro oat milk lattes, Nitro Rasberry green tea, Iced Coconut oolong, Iced Moroccan mint,  vegan horchata, and Nitro blue mate! Check out The Nitro Bikes’s Instagram for more awesome pics and flavor announcements! 


Alex Pujol serving infused nitro from The Nitro Bike coffee cart


Alex Pujol pouring infused nitro from The Nitro Bike barista bike at a shopping center

Wherever they are The Nitro Bike brings the smiles and the coffee! Be on the lookout at pop up events for this fun-loving and motivated mobile coffee cart business! 

Alex & Erin Pujol catering cold brew on a sunny day from The Nitro Bike coffee bike

Rain or shine  The Nitro Bike will come through with the infused Nitro coffee goods! 


Alex & Erin Pujol catering cold brew in a back yard from The Nitro Bike icicle tricycles cold brew coffee bike barista cart

The Nitro Bike rolls out their unique and gourmet Nitro infused beverages up and down the state of California! The Nitro Bike caters vegan friendly coffee drinks from San Diego to San Francisco! The Nitro Bike will even customize the menu for the need of whatever event they are at! The Nitro bike is west coast five star coffee service on three wheels! For more info on catering check out the info from their website here! 












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