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How to Run a Business on a Bike! The Icicle Tricycles Bike Business Solution.

Stuck in a brick and motar? Out of cash for pumping gas into a food truck? Muscles strained from pulling around a food cart? Maybe you have a business that needs some new wheels! Start a business on a bike!

business on a bike

…Turn your company building into a bike! Get off the food truck and peddle your business the eco-friendly way. Give your company a new kind of speed – bicycle speed!


With the rising trend of cities becoming more, and more bike and pedestrian friendly, the expansion of car free downtown areas and public spaces is increasing. Pedestrian byways and ample bicycle-only lanes are becoming the new norm of city development.

This new trend is a turn of the tide for small business owners! A potential gold mine! Just imagine a whole new form of traffic. A much different form of traffic. Heavy foot traffic not accessible to cars. Downtown and public park areas with big box store restrictions.

Now picture all of those people. All of them creating a new type of laissez-faire. A burgeoning estate of untapped market potential! More people out means more hands to trade money and more people to talk about it.

business on a bike

A business on a bike means foot traffic to your business & your business to the foot traffic! With so many new bicycle and walking routes springing up, doing business by bike has never been easier.

Just think of anything someone might want to buy, put the word bike at the end of it, and you’ve now created a niche market for an already existing one.

A beautiful, quick and easy business strategy that’s good for your health, the environment, and your wallet! No more rent. No more need to bring people to you.


A business on a bike means you can roll out to your customers and give them something to gawk at! A business on wheels that looks great, feels great to ride, and fits snugly just about anywhere.

The Future of Doing Business on Wheels:

It’s safe to say that most city planners understand the importance of traffic flow. How people can get from one place to another, and how each of those places are explored. If a particular area is popular, city planners work to make that area more accessible and enjoyable.


Bike lanes and car free zones are most often the best solution to this. Often, with big box stores regulated to city outskirts. This leaves lots of wiggle room for small business owners and entrepreneurs to take stake.

Icicle Tricycles Ice Cream Food Cart
Icicle Tricycles Ice Cream Bike MarketingEat Fleet Food Bike Tour

Owning and operating a business from a bike just might be the best new way to peddle! Like your own market share space with lanes butting you right up to, alongside, from behind, and right in front of potential customers!


Running a business on a bike is becoming the new way to do business. You can literally pedal circles around your competitors!

Icicle Tricycles Newspaper Delivery Trikes
Icicle Tricycles Newspaper Delivery BikesPortland Mercury

Just as well, with so much shopping being done online, people are spending more time taking walks. Why not roll right up and offer them an experience not available through their internet browser.

Brown Betty Desserts Trike - Icicle Tricycles Pastry Delivery Food Bike
Brown Betty Desserts on Good Day PhiladelphiaPastry Delivery Food Bike

Market and advertise your business on a bike to exemplify your brand as one that’s connected to the community. Start a line of marketing activation bicycles that reflect these new city environments.


An eco-friendly business that correlates itself to the natural flow of traffic – not one that creates it!

Icicle Tricycles Art Bike - Alessi Loves SOHO
Icicle Tricycles Art Bike – Alessi Loves SOHO

A Must for Small Business Owners.

Face it. People prefer small businesses and people love small business owners! People also enjoy scaled down versions of their favorite products. Something big offered in small. Something gigantic into something mini.


What better way to show off your small business than with a sleek and compact Vending or Advertising Bike.

Icicle Tricycles Ice Cream Bike - The Treat Trike
Icicle Tricycles Ice Cream BikeThe Treat Trike

Another bonus: Be your own boss! Roll out your business plan whenever and wherever you can pedal!


No more traffic jams to work, a boss, or a 9 to 5 to report to. Just you, your tricycle, and your way of doing things. Your business, your life. An IceTrike to get you rolling.

Icicle Tricycles Cold Press Juice Trike
Icicle Tricycles Juice Bike for Peel’d Juices

No need to waste your cash building a high rise tower or renting a brick and mortar, when you can operate your business at any location at anytime! The freedom of a bicycle with the power and convenience of your own imagination!


Businesses on Bikes couldn’t be easier with an Icicle Tricycles Commercial Cargo Bike.

Current Businesses Being Run on Bikes:

With the growing amount of opportunity to do pedal powered vending and advertising, operating a business on a bike is becoming the new norm. Just like food trucks and food cart lots have changed the way people go out to eat, commercial cargo bikes have begun to take stake beyond their common associations.

Icicle Tricycles Experiential Marketing Bike
An Icicle Tricycles Clothing Bike – Schoola Marketing Campaign

While traditionally utilized to vend hot dogs and ice cream, it’s now becoming a tradition to see much more being marketed and sold on a bike.

Ice Cream Bikes

The Ice Cream Bike has been around since people first started to enjoy ice cream. A simple snack for a simple machine. A perfect marriage between cream and bicycles! Whether on a stick, in a cone, a cup, sandwich, or even in a bun (take a trip to Thailand!), ice cream is ridiculously easy to sell by bike.

Icicle Tricycles Ice Cream Bike - Coconut Girl Paleo Ice Cream Marketing
Icicle Tricycles Ice Cream BikeCoconut Girl Paleo Ice Cream Marketing
Icicle Tricycles Ice Cream Bike - Coconut Girl Paleo Ice Cream Marketing
Icicle Tricycles Ice Cream BikeCoconut Girl Paleo Ice Cream Marketing

Just about everyone loves ice cream. Whether they’re 7 or 103, just about everyone is in the mood for ice cream all of the time. Ice Cream is good anywhere. People are everywhere!

Icicle Tricycles UC Irvine College Campus Ice Cream Trike
UC Irvine College Campus Ice Cream Bike

Roll out to a beach, a boardwalk, farmers market, or a music festival. The possibilities and ease of selling ice cream by bike are pretty much infinite.

family-freezed-ice-cream-bicycle-icicle-tricycles-ice cream-cart-006

With a compact ice cream bike from IceTrikes, you’re a sure fit anywhere – both inside and outside. IceTrike bikes fit through standard ADA accessible door and hallways with ease.

Coffee Bikes

Similar to ice cream, coffee is the all around beverage of choice – hot or cold, caffeinated or decaf. People love coffee. People also prefer it on the go! What better way to market the desire for coffee to go, than on a bike?!

cold brew coffee tricycle

With the ease and convenience of bike lanes, your coffee bike business can be just about anywhere at any time. Coffee is quick to make and quick to make people happy.


Starting up a pedal powered coffee business is both simple and powerful.


IceTrike Cold Brew Coffee Tricycle
Icicle Tricycles Cold Brew Coffee Bike Build

Sell it hot, sell it cold. Coffee practically sells itself. On top of that, you’re on a bike! Another simple and ubiquitous cultural icon. A business on a bike is a fantastic solution to literally getting your business out into the community!

Icicle Tricycles - Stream Tea and Coffee Bike
Icicle Tricycles – Stream Tea and Coffee Bike

Coffee and Bikes together makes for an excellent complimentary business, as well as a great talking point of the business itself. Strike up valuable and intimate conversations about biking over a fresh cup with your customers!

Food Bikes

Food. You eat it, your neighbors eat it, and your dog loves it! Face it. People need to eat to live. Food has been marketed and sold since the very first belly grumbles. Today, buying food is a culturally ingrained idea. A societal norm, as well as a requirement for survival.


Restaurants, food carts, and food trucks. Food Bikes! Yup, people are starting to want more than ice cream and hot dogs from a bike. Why not vegetables? Donuts? ? Salads!!

Grocery Bike - Icicle Tricycles Grocery Delivery Trike
Grocery Bike – Icicle Tricycles Grocery Delivery Trike for Food Bike Marketing

Just as well as people needing to eat, they pretty much do it as a hobby! People are eating all of the time and doing it anywhere they like! That’s why it’s time to sell food on a bike.


Get an IceTrike and kick the foodie revolution into new heights. A food cart bike. Like a hand food cart but with wheels! Practically a money machine. Absolutely a revolutionary way to feed people. Pedal to peddle.

Experiential Marketing and Advertising Bikes

It’s a no brainer. In order to get someone to buy something, you’ve got to advertise it. Marketing is the way to get your business going. Without advertising and marketing, growing a business is near impossible. Fortunately, it’s not all that difficult. Even easier – and especially cheaper – an advertising or marketing bike is a great way to get your business rolling!

Icicle Tricycles Popsicle Ice Cream Bike for Popcycle, Austin, TX

Icicle Tricycles Heineken Beer Bike - Brewery Beer and Beverage Bike for Experiential Marketing and Advertising Bike Fleets

The age old task of marketing and advertising couldn’t be easier by bike. Peddle to pedal with an advertising bike! An eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable advertising platform that looks great and promotes health and wellness.

Icicle Tricycles Yogurt Bike - Dairy and Yogurt Marketing - Noosa Yogurt

Niche Market Bikes

It’s true, there is a market for everything. Just like art, the desire to find and own objects is an ineffable human quality. People love having stuff! People also enjoy the finding of that stuff, usually with the most positive energy given to niche experiences. What could possibly be more niche than finding a beautiful bouquet of flowers handed over by a cheerful person on a bicycle? …Maybe one from a hot air balloon!!

Icicle Tricycles Flower Bike Business
Icicle Tricycles Flower Bike.

(Icicle Tricycles does not currently offer hot air balloons or hot air balloon to bike attachments. FAA Regulations have yet to be decided on this) Okay, let’s get realistic. Pedal powered businesses are becoming the new norm.


With new normality, comes new creativity! If it’s not shocking to buy ice cream and coffee by bike, there’s no reason not to roll out to a dog park with a pet food bike – a business on a bike fits in anywhere!

Pet Food Delivery Bike

Wherever people are enjoying themselves, there’s an opportunity to enterprise. Why not roll out to a public graffiti wall with an art or spray paint bike?

Icicle Tricycles Art Bike - Experiential Marketing Campaign

Icicle Tricycles Art Bike for Liquitex

Let Icicle Tricycles build you an environmentally sustainable carbon neutral business workhorse. Contact us when you’re ready to roll out your business on a bike!

Icicle Tricycles Book Bike
Icicle Tricycles Book Bike – Canada
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