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a fully functional cafe barista bakery bike food car branded for banke



Icicle Tricycles has a long history helping bakers roll out their business plans. We love to get hot baked goods their own wheels! Be it cupcakes, pies, doughnuts, cheesecakes, creme pies, cookies, or other, Icicle Tricycles does not discriminate against delicious treats! We are always happy to help bakers and desert makers get rolling!

woman laughing behind an icicle tricycles vending cart bike branded for chinup donuts in Seattle Washington
Icicle Tricycles  Donut Bike – Chin Up Bike by Icicle Tricycles

Whether you’re a pastry chef or a vendor looking for a new way to roll out your treats, we can build the pastry services vehicle of your dreams! We have built pie bikes, muffin bikes, cupcake bikes, doughnut bikes, and more! Looking for a bread delivery bike or a pastry delivery bike for your bakery? Well, you’ve found it! Contact Icicle Tricycles to get it rolling.

The Icicle Tricycles Donut Bike - Voodoo Donuts in Portland, Oregon. Pastry Delivery Trike

Our very first venture into the world of baking and biking began in our own backyard, with Portland’s favorite and world famous doughnut shop, Voodoo Doughnuts.

Bread Delivery Bike by Icicle Tricycles

Known for their incredibly creative and unique doughnut business experience, Icicle Tricycles was a perfect match up for their doughnut delivery bike needs. We’re happy to have helped to finally break up those notoriously long Voodoo Donuts lines! You just might finally be able to get your Voodoo Doughnut fix anywhere in the 5 quadrants!

Icicle Tricycles Bread and Bakery Delivery Bikes - Voodoo Doughnuts Bike

Cheesecake Vending Bicycle

Great for vending or catering, our pastry delivery bikes are a perfect fit for farmers markets, street fairs, outdoor festivals, tailgate parties, food truck lots, food cart blocks, or anywhere someone might be hungry for fresh oats and grain! A superb pastry vending cart for the marketing, delivery, and distribution dreams of any baker! 

Hero Bakery Cargo Bike

No need to be stuck behind the counter with high rent and electricity bills in a brick and mortar. No more gasoline budgeting or getting stuck in traffic jams with a food truck. And especially, no more push cart muscle and joint pain! Slide those oven racks into our spacious front loading pastry trikes and roll out your business with ease. Contact Icicle Tricycles to get your bakery, doughnut shop, bagel shop, or cookie factory business some new wheels!

Icicle Tricycles Food Bike Cookie Bike

Even just as a bread delivery bike, we build our pastry and bread trikes to the specifications you require. Whether you’re a small bakery business owner or a major flour shaker, contact Icicle Tricycles to get your baked goods rolling!

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