Cold Brew Coffee Bike

Starting at $3,650 USD/$4,875 CAD

Nitro Tap Cold Brew Coffee by Bike. For Vending, Delivery, and Distribution. Perfect for beer, wine, kombucha, cold brew, or any other beverage served from a tap.

  • Reinforced Folding Frame
  • Gloss White Cargo Box designed to keep your product frozen, chilled, or warm – depending on your uses.
  • 7 speeds external Shimano Derailleur
  • Front and Rear lights
  • 7 different frame color options.

Each trike is hand built!

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Tap System Options

Please contact us for more information

1 Tap CO2

2 Tap CO2

1 Tap Nitro

2 Tap Nitro

2 Tap Dual Body Regulator Nitro

2 Tap Dual Cylinder Nitro/CO2

Custom Vinyl Wrap

Please contact us for more information

We can print any graphics, artwork, or logos you provide!

You or your designer can place all of your artwork and graphics in our template.

Stained Cedar Box

We have 9 different stain options to choose from! Please contact us for more information.

cold brew coffee bike
cold brew coffee trike

Are you looking to start a cold brew coffee bike business? Icicle Tricycles builds Cold Brew Bikes! Excellent to quench your cold brew coffee thirst and great for vending, distribution, and delivery. The perfect mobile marketing platform to get your cold brew coffee business rolling! Our Cold Brew Coffee Bike is built by hand, right here in Portland – where coffee is king! The Northwest is a coffee lovers dream. The city knows coffee, we know coffee, and our bikes are engineered to sell it!

The Icicle Tricycles Cold Brew Coffee Bike is the perfect low-overhead, carbon neutral, environmentally sustainable coffee trike business. Our cold brew cafes are ideal for catering warm summer events, delivering ice cold coffee all over town to local gatherings, businesses, conventions, and other venues. Jailbreak your coffee business from the confines of brick and mortar, and bring it directly to where people are thirsty! Be the buzz of the neighborhood! The pedal powered coffee business revolutionary! 

Cold Brew Bike

Contact us today to get your cold brew coffee tricycle business rolling! Icicle Tricycles custom builds each Cold Brew Coffee Bicycle by hand. Every detail is gone over by a dedicated mechanic and designer to make sure you get the coffee tricycle you want – not a franchise! Your bike, your logo, your design. Truly be your own entrepreneur! Offering a wide range of mobile coffee business needs, we build the Cold Brew Trikes of your dreams! Our Cold Brew Coffee Trikes are well insulated, easy to operate, and ready to roll when you are. We can even include custom plumbing to outfit your desired specifications!

Single tap, double tap, dark roast, light roast, or even a decaf cold brew, we build it. Our Cold Brew Trikes are engineered to market and sell coffee the way you need them to – as easy as riding a bike!We also offer standard coffee and espresso tricycles for your espresso and pour over coffee bike needs. Built to your specifications and shipped to you fully constructed and ready to ride! Just hop on and roll out!

cold brew coffee tricycle

Start the Cold Brew Coffee Bicycle Cafe process by contacting us at: [email protected] [box]Contact us to get your cold brew coffee bike rolling! »[/box]

Man in t shirt and ball cap pours Cold Brew Coffee from the tap on the coffee bike box
cold brew coffee trike

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