Food Bike Business

A man serving food from a branded Icicle Tricycles front load Ice Cream Food Bike at a busy public event

Food Vending Carts Powered by You! Pedal to Peddle!

Similar to the operations of a food cart or truck, a food bike business is a fully operational mobile food service station. An eco-friendly, carbon neutral, commercial utility vehicle to advertise, distribute, and vend food!

A cells food bike peddler handing out a food sample to a smiling woman from her branded icicle tricycles Front load food vending cart

Our food vending carts are engineered for food convenience – expedient, compact, food service delivery machines!

A woman standing behind icicle tricycles front load food bike / cart branded for the lettuce beet / bike salad bike at a popup event in the city

Icicle Tricycles a long history of rolling out food bike businesses. We’ve custom-built a wide variety of food bikes from cupcake bikes and doughnut bikes, to salad bikes ice cream bikes, and more!

A pile of packaged Darigold butter on the custom lid of a Darigold branded ice cream food bike / trike

A fantastic way to get food and drinks to wherever stomachs are grumbling! The Icicle Tricycles Drink and Food Vending Cart solution. We know food. We know vending. We know bikes. Food Bikes!

A woman in a white dress posing in front of a wall of vines with her green framed ice cream food trike branded for Cells

Beat the food truck traffic by scooting around on a beverage bike or food bike business. A food vending cart powered by your feet!

Icicle Tricycles Ice Cream Bike Food Cart setup in a busy market being used to sell indian cuisine

A vending bike you can peddle with! An eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable, carbon neutral business plan with wheels!

Roll out and sell food. Contact us when you’re ready to roll – our bikes are shipped fully constructed and ready to roll when they get to you! Either as a mobile food and drink hot spot, or used as a food and beverage delivery bike, Icicle Tricycles’ Food and Beverage Bikes are a superb way to create unique dining experiences.

woman laughing behind an icicle tricycles bakery food bike branded for chinup donuts in Seattle Washington

You also get the upper hand when it comes to food truck pileups! Just hop on, wheel around, and sell while people are walking over to your competitors! All while from the comfort of a big, comfortable, cushy seat!

food bike

Don’t just be your own boss, be your own mobile boss! With comfy seating, 7 speeds, snappy maneuverability, and plenty of front cargo storage space, an IceTrikes Cargo Food Bike is a dependable and specialized way to market, advertise, and vend food and drinks.

3 Icicle Tricycles Product Sampling Bikes front load Food Bike / trike Model from a birds eye view in a parking lot surrounded by peddlers and a food truck

Our food bikes are also a fantastic tool to be used as delivery vehicles! Grab your food bike and use it as a dedicated restaurant delivery bike! Absolutely perfect to load up the morning bread run or to wheel on down to the farmers market. A splendid food distribution vehicle solution!

Salad and herbs set on the lid of a cedar wood cargo box front load cold brew coffee bike next to the tap tower

Avoid expensive power and propane costs with traditionally big food carts and trucks. Get away from the static locations brick and mortar. Hop on and pedal out to farmers markets, city events, parades, sporting events, parks, public squares, and more.

Icicle Tricycles Food Bike with a green and white striped umbrella branded for LettuceBeetYYC Salad's food bike business vending tricycle popup in a busy city space

A woman showing off her Cells branded food bike business at a farmers market

A hand built, fully customized Icicle Tricycles Vending Cart Bike is the ultimate solution to your need for a food and beverage business on wheels!

two smiling people with ice cream posing behind a cedar wood front load ice cream food bike at a park

Contact us to get your food bike business rolling. We have a long and dedicated history in vending by bicycle. We know vending. We know bicycles. Get an Icicle Tricycles solution! Contact us today to get your food bike business rolling with an Icicle Tricycles Food Bike!

two promoters showing off and posing with there Vega branded front load food trike with a black frame at a marina

An Icicle Tricycles Food Bike Business is a great way to get gastronomical!  We offer a variety of custom build options for your food and beverage vending cart bike needs. We offer customized panels, wood paneling, laser engraving, and custom graphics to match just about any style you can think of.

Rabbit food food bike business set up in a garden

Your bike, your design, your style, your logo. Fully constructed by experienced bike mechanics and designers. Shipped to you, ready to roll when it arrives! Contact us when you’re ready to get out and feed people!

a couple eat waffles at a famers market in front of a food vendor stand with an ice cream bike food cart branded for velos waffles

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