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Bikes for hotels! Icicle Tricycles makes hotel bikes for hospitality marketing and management services. Eco-friendly, mobile hospitality management and marketing solutions to advertise your hotel business – a concierge services workhorse!

Icicle Tricycles Marketing Bike - Hotel Bike

The Icicle Tricycles Hotel Bike is well suited for hospitality. Be it a motel, hotel, lodge, bed and breakfast, hostel, timeshare, or a resort, we build our hotel bikes alongside your ideas.


A concierge cargo bike that’s suited to your brand of hospitality. Also a great way to show your guests a good time, giving you the mobility to be hotel poolside in style!

Our Hotel Bikes are a great solution to a need for speedy customer service, offering convenient hospitality mobility. A wonderful marriage between utility and hospitality fashion. Be it as an excellent outdoor catering vehicle for hotel and resort weddings, or for just getting around the grounds, the Icicle Tricycles Hotel Bike is a great way to reach out to guests.

Icicle Tricycles Hospitality Bike

It’s also a great new employee! A quick, efficient, low maintenance, environmentally sustainable, concierge charmer. It also has a bell.

Icicle Tricycles Hotel Bike - Food Bike
The Icicle Tricycles Hotel Bike – Hotel Snack Food Bike

Perfect as a guest awareness vehicle, mobile information kiosk, or even just to show your guests how you like to roll! With ample room for towels, snacks,beverages, luggage, or just about anything you can think of to better serve your guests, our Hotel Bikes are hospitality workhorses.


Engage guests both poolside and room-side. Set-up a mobile hotel attendant to look out for guests, assist with luggage, hand out snacks and drinks, all while promoting health and wellness. (Like offering your employees a free gym membership!) Why have your guests wait for staff on foot, when your staff can respond swiftly and stylishly in a company branded bike.

Icicle Tricycles Hotel Bike


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