Icicle Tricycles Mobile Kiosks | Information Kiosk Bikes

Icicle Tricycles custom builds mobile kiosks – tourist information stations you can pedal!

We build Brochure Bikes, Leaflet Trikes, Book Bikes, and more! Cargo bikes built to pedal out the important town info – A great way to help tourists and city newcomers find their way.

Perfect for pedaling out into a park, downtown, city square, farmers market, along city walkways, or anywhere someone is in need of local information. Our trikes are eco-friendly, compact, and can roll out just about anywhere!

Icicle Tricycles’ Mobile Kiosks are:

  • Comfortable (all of our bikes come standard with a large, cushy, fully adjustable seat)
  • Easy to maneuver (steering around obstacles both outdoor and indoor, with clearance for just about any door, hall, or archway)
  • Geared for a changing terrain (7 speeds, in case you spot potential readers on a hill, or to pedal up to a group of lost tourists quick!)
  • Plenty of storage (lots of space with a variety of spacing options for brochures, pamphlets, leaflets, business cards, and more.)

We can custom build your kiosk bike with whatever informational material accessibility you crave! Contact us today to get your information rolling!

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