Custom Vinyl Wraps

pink custom wrapped branded juice marketing bike with and umbrella being ridden with no hands down an alley with a mural Your bike! Your brand! Icicle Tricycles offers custom vinyl wrapped cargo boxes on all of our cargo bike options! Your cargo bike won’t just carry your goods but it will become a memorable mobile billboard. 


We do a Custom Graphic Vinyl Wrap for branding! We will send you our Adobe Illustrator artwork template.  You or your designer can then place all of your artwork and graphics in the template and send it to us for approval and printing.

Dog in an marketing bike branded for Bosley Real Estate parked in an office

No matter what your trying to sell a custom wrapped bike is a fantastic solution to brand your bike! 

A custom wrapped branded ice cream bike with an umbrella on a baseball field surrounded by athletes young and old!

We an experienced and dedicated print department that will be sure to give your brand the care and attention it deserves! We pride our selves in consistant excellence in our attention to detail in any project we work on. 

A custom branded gourmet ice cream vending bike parked next to a tiny home

You can check out more pictures of our custom branded cargo bikes on Flikr & Instagram

Contact us and ask us questions about custom wraps or anything else that comes to mind. We are always happy to help!