Icicle Tricycles Deep Freeze Bike

The Icicle Tricycles Deep Freeze model is the deluxe mobile vending option made to accommodate all of your business needs! Our onboard freezer ensures that your cold products stay cold from morning until night, and the ample storage both in front and at the rear means you won’t have to deal with mid-day restocking or hauling additional cargo containers. End-of-day cleanup is a breeze with our fully functional built-in sink, allowing you to wash any dirty dishes or tools that may require a good scrubbing. Once you’ve finished vending, use the onboard, lockable cash box to safely store all your profits!

Our Deep Freeze models come equipped with E-assist pedaling to ensure that you can get your mobile food vending bike where you need to go as easily as possible. The massive cargo space in front and two storage lockers secured to the back are just what you need to store your products and tools (be they cups, cutlery, or something else entirely). Customers will be thrilled to see useable table space on top and a shelf on each side of the bike to allow for dishes, cups, or just a place to put their tips.

The Icicle Tricycles Deep Freeze bike comes standard in all white for a turnaround time of 3 weeks. This model is also available to be customized with graphic square-cut decals for additional turnaround time. Order now and get your deluxe food vendor business rolling!

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