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Icicle Tricycles Heineken Beer Bike - Brewery Beer and Beverage Bike for Experiential Marketing and Advertising Bike Fleets

Beer bikes for sale! Drink beer from a bike! Icicle Tricycles builds custom Beer Bikes for product sampling, distribution, and mobile marketing. Like a party on a bike! Call it a party bike…Whatever you like, we build our beer bikes to your specifications.

icicle tricycles cider trike

A custom built beer bike that’s perfect for catering tailgate parties, weddings, concerts, conventions, and more! A great way to market your beverage or test out those new flavors. Pedal your marketing and product directly to your customer base!

Icicle Tricycles Drink Bike

Icicle Tricycles Beer Bike - Heineken

With full customization options and built by hand, Icicle Tricycles works alongside your ideas to make a beer bike that speaks your brand. Your ideas, your style, your logo. Custom graphics and wood laser engraving available.

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Each Icicle Tricycles Beer Bike is custom built for serving cold drinks. We can plumb multiple taps for different brews! We do nitro too!

Icicle Tricycles Experiential Marketing Bike

Combine eco-friendly, customized variety, and mobility together for a knockout beer bike. Our Icicle Tricycle Brewery Beer and Beverage Bikes are a great way to quench the thirst of your customer base and to ride out the message of your brand!

Icicle Tricycles Drink Bike - Custom Marketing Bike

We would love to help get your business moving with an Icicle Tricycles Beer Bike! Contact us when you’re ready to roll.

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Icicle Tricycle Brewery Beer Bike
Icicle Tricycles Beer Bikes – Heineken Beer Bikes


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