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The Icicle Tricycles Personalized Pedal Powered Mobile Coffee Trike Business. Coffee bikes!

An old timey Custom Cedar Cargo Box Branded Coffee Bike / Trike by Icicle Tricycles on a dusty trail

Coffee Bikes for sale! We hand-build coffee trikes for vending, marketing, and product distribution. Start a mobile coffee cart business and peddle coffee on a bike!

A Smiling man serving hot coffee from a wood wrapped cold brew coffee bike / trike

Our coffee bikes come with full customization options (for both hot and cold brew coffee) and are personalized to your liking. You are your own coffee boss with an Icicle Tricycles Coffee Trike! Our coffee tricycle is the perfect low-overhead mobile coffee bike business.

A man smiling at a woman holding a dog standing above a cedar wood cargo box cold brew coffee bike / trike at a marina.

Roll Out!

Ideal for catering events, or delivering and selling hot coffee and lattes all over town to farmers markets, street fairs, businesses, conventions, and other venues.

A Cedar Wood Coffee Bicycle by Icicle Tricycles in a show room
Icicle Tricycles Coffee Bike – Espresso Coffee Bicycle Model

Why be stuck in a gas hog coffee truck or some java shop prison?! Jailbreak your coffee business from the confines of gasoline, brick, and mortar. Hop on and pedal coffee directly to wherever people are thirsty. The perfect peddling machine!

A man riding a cold brew coffee bike / trike down the side walk

Contact us today to get your Icicle Tricycles Bicycle Cafe rolling.

A group of people in suits being served coffee from a branded cold brew tap coffee bike / trike

Our coffee trikes are easily maneuverable, and with a size that will fit snugly into just about any small space (including most SUV and Truck sizes), you can ride out and set-up a mobile coffee shop trike just about anywhere.

Stream Coffee and Teas Branded Icicle Tricycles Cold Brew Coffee Bike / Trike being loaded into the back of a honda element

Startup your own pedal-powered mobile bike cafe business with ease. The Icicle Tricycles Coffee Trike for sale is the only one that makes selling coffee feel like you’re on vacation!

a woman riding a branded cold brew coffee bike / trike on cobble stone by a fountain

Relaxed ergonomics for a comfortable bike ride and with a hand-built look that will always grab attention. Best of all, you can change your business location at any time! Simply sit down and enjoy the ride. That’s all there is to it!

A cedar wood Coffee Bike / Trike with a custom sink installed on the lid and folding shelves on the side.
Icicle Tricycles Custom Wood Panel Coffee Bike with a sink and folding side tables for space versatility.

Just you, your coffee bicycle, your name, your graphics. No boss, no employees. Simply just your own. A vehicle for business or pleasure – and especially coffee. Compact and conveniently sized to roll outside and inside.

a woman selling bags of coffee in the street from her icicle Tricycles brand custom cedar wood coffee bike / trike with a red frame and a folding shelf

Our coffee trikes can fit through standard ADA accessible hall and doorways with ease. You can pedal up to the top floor so even the people up top can enjoy a fresh cup!

Icicle Tricycles Front Load Coffee Bike / Trike with a black frame branded Bunna Bike Coffee parked in a lobby.
Icicle Tricycles Coffee Bike for Bunna Bike Coffee as seen on Indegogo.

No need to be stuck with prefabricated franchise graphics. Your own creativity and your own rules. Be your own boss with an Icicle Tricycles Coffee Bike build. We encourage creative thinkers and dreamers, helping you to roll out a business plan that you can call your own. If you dream it, we build it.

Stream Coffee and Teas Icicle Tricycles Coffee Bike with an umbrella

Each Icicle Tricycles Coffee Trike for sale is built to order, and according to customer specifications. We can include custom plumbing and electronics to outfit your desired espresso machine and grinder.

Icicle Tricycles Custom Cedar wood cargo box Espresso and Coffee Bike / Trike with custom shelf and a black frame.

Or skip the weight by ordering our Pour Over Coffee Bicycle- – compact, easily maneuverable and perfect for making delicious cups of coffee with little to no effort. Simply ride out with pre-ground coffee and hot water. We are experts at covering espresso and coffee trike business needs.

A person being served cold brew coffee from a cold brew coffee bike / trike branded for Market Town Coffee co on a sunny day in a park

We also make a cold brew coffee bike, cold press coffee bike, and an iced coffee bike!

Cold brew coffee being poured straight from the tap of a Cold Brew Coffee Bike / trike Cafe Icicle Tricycles branded for Mission Hill Coffee Co.

Start the Bicycle Cafe or Espresso Coffee Trike process by contacting us at: [email protected]. Our coffee bike is hot and ready to go when you are! [box]Please contact us to get your coffee bike rolling! »[/box]


Hot Coffee Bikes for sale!

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