Coconut Bike | Coconut Water, Milk, and Cream Trikes

Icicle Tricycles has gone coconuts! We custom build cargo bikes for coconut water, drinks, and treats. For vending, marketing, and product sampling. A mobile electrolytes and healthy fats machine! Be it a Coconut Water Bike, Coconut Milk Bike, Coconut Cream Bike, Coconut Meat Bike, or any other Coconut Bike dream you have, we’ll build it. A delicious, thirst quenching pedal-powered coconut vending workhorse. Available with nitro taps!

Excellent for quenching the thirst of athletes and parched sports fans anywhere. Simply amazing for coconut fans everywhere! Whether you decide to roll out to a sporting event, fair, farmers market, or anywhere coconut craving or electrolyte deficient people might be, an Icicle Tricycles Coconut Bike is a fantastic way to hydrate and treat a neighborhood, stadium, or even an entire city!

Whether you’re looking to operate a small scale coconut business service or to promote an already existing product line, an Icicle Tricycles Coconut Bike is a perfect solution. Economical, eco-friendly, and promotes an environmentally sustainable form of business. A superb way to market the health benefits of coconut.