The Book Bike | Library Book Bikes and Mobile Information Kiosks

Looking for a Book Bike?

Leave the Dewey Decimal lifestyle behind, hop on and bring the library to the street! Icicle Tricycles’ custom builds Library Book Bikes and Mobile Information Kiosks!! An Icicle Tricycles Book Bike is custom built to order too – designed and fine tuned to your needs and specifications! Contact us today to get your Book Bike build underway!




The Icicle Tricycles Book Bike:

  • Comfortable (all of our bikes come standard with a large, cushy, fully adjustable seat)
  • Easy to maneuver (steering around obstacles both outdoor and indoor, with clearance for just about any door, hall, or archway)
  • Geared for a changing terrain (7 speeds, in case you spot potential readers on a hill, or to pedal up to a group of starving readers quick!)
  • Plenty of storage (lots of space with a variety of spacing options)



A Library on Wheels.


We think a Book Bike is a great way to connect with readers – everywhere! Perfect for rolling out into a park, a farmers market, along city walkways, or anywhere a reader is looking to read. A unique addition to a school campus or business park. Engage students or uplift company moral at lunch time – people love to learn!

Think of a Book Bike as a type Mobile Library. One that’s quick and nimble, compact, and unobtrusive. A simple machine to transport knowledge far and wide. Similar to a time machine, but without the risk of getting eaten by an intergalactic space gorilla!

Mobile Library Book Information Kiosk

An Icicle Tricycles Mobile Information Kiosk or Library Bike can be custom built with any reading material in mind – journals, magazines, newspapers, comic books, brochures, or any other type of reading material bike you can dream up. Pedal the written word the world over!

Our Library Book Bikes and Mobile Information Kiosks are the best way to share and tell your favorite stories! Truly novel machines! Call it a Book Bike, Stories with Pedals, or a just a plain old Mobile Library, you can really peddle out the puns on an Icicle Tricycles Book Bike!


Library Book Bike, Mobile Kiosk Bike


How about a Magazine Bike? Yes, we’ll build it! Informational Brochure Bike? Yeah, we build those! Comic Book Bike? Yup! Manga Bike? Absolutely! Whatever the type of mobile information cart you’re seeking, we can build it!

book bike

book bike

We can custom build your Library Bike with whatever reading material accessibility you crave! We can construct your bike with doors, drawers, shelves, racks, or anything else you might need to display your material.

mobile information kiosk book bike

Each trike is custom built, allowing for a design that will carry and display reading material according to your needs. Be it a Library Bike, Mobile Kiosk,  Tour Brochure Bike, or a Magazine Trike, we build it.

Ride out the word on an Icicle Tricycles Book Bike! Contact us today to get your stories rolling!