University and College Campus Bikes | Trikes for School Spirit

Icicle Tricycles has a school spirit bike! We custom build university and college campus  bikes. Cargo bikes for education, college administration, and school support services.



Looking for a School Spirit Bike? Mobile Learning Bike? Teaching Bike? College Campus Information Bike? We build them!

Show off the pride of your university or college and gain unique student experiences with your own college campus bike! A fully customized cargo bicycle to show off your school spirit, promote upcoming events, raise student awareness, sell campus spirit wares, distribute information, and mobilize your school’s message!

Icicle Tricycles University and College Campus Bike
Icicle Tricycles University and College Campus Bike – University of Nebraska

As most students bike to school, our college campus and university bikes are a natural fit for students! An absolute perfect flagship vehicle for your institution. A great way to appeal to the college lifestyle, and with environmentally sustainable positioning!



Perfect for college logo marketing, campus information distribution, college parties, sporting events, or even just to deliver the campus mail, an Icicle Tricycles College or University Bike is a fantastic solution.

Pedal out to campus sporting events, graduations, student run festivals, campus farmers markets, student fairs, or any other school event. Usher in your student base with an Icicle Tricycles Student Bike! Our university campus and student bikes are also great indoors! All Icicle Tricycles cargo bikes can fit through most standard ADA accessible door and hallways. Roll right up to class or into the cafeteria for a lunch time message. Our bikes are great for both school advertisement and reaching out to your student base.

Icicle Tricycle College Campus Bike - Ice Cream Bike
Icicle Tricycle College Campus Bike – Ice Cream Bike

Take your school spirit to the next level! Why be stuck in one campus location, when our Icicle Tricycles University and College Bike can roll direct to students wherever they are studying or partying!

Icicle Tricycles University Bike

Icicle Tricycles has all your college campus bicycle needs covered in house. With a dedicated and passionate marketing and design team, Icicle Tricycles helps in every step of the process from creative dreaming to delivery!  If you can dream it, we can build it!  Contact us at Icicle tricycles and we can help get your message rolling!

Contact us for a quote. We would be happy to deploy a branded fleet of university and college campus bikes at your desired locations!

Icicle Tricycles College Campus Bike
Icicle Tricycles College Campus Bike – Experiential Marketing Education Bike for Yes To Carrots
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