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Meet the Icicle Tricycles Garment and Clothing Bike!


Looking to start, grow, or promote a new or existing clothing line? An Icicle Tricycles Garment and Clothing Bike is a great way to do that! A sleek and compact advertising and marketing solution for anyone looking to roll out a new product line.

Icicle Tricycles Bathing Suit Bike - Schoola

Peddle your wares wherever they’re needed! Create a swim-suit bike, bikini bike, sandals bike, or a trike that does it all! A simple, compact, and creative way to advertise what’s in fashion without the need for brick and mortar.

Icicle Tricycles Clothing Bike

Open up an online store and own a physical location that can roll out your product line whenever and wherever you need! All the utility of a building with the added benefit of mobility and freedom! A great way to roll out and engage customers at a street level.

Alessi Loves SOHO Clothing Bike by Icicle Tricycles


Contact us today to get your clothing and garment bike underway. We’ll work with you through every step of the design process, offering a variety of custom box and color frame options to promote your product the way you envision it! Contact us as soon as you’re ready to roll!



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