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Icicle Tricycle Credit Union Bike

Icicle Tricycles builds Community Bank and Credit Union Bikes! Bank Bikes for mobile banking and financial advertisement. Whether you’re a community bank or credit union, our Mobile Bank Bike is the best way to roll out your financial message, giving you the mobility to connect directly with your community!

You can go beyond your brick and mortar bank location. The perfect fit for rolling out your financial message! Roll right up and engage potential members at local events.


Set-up a mobile credit union or bank location at a farmer’s market, out door concert, festival, or any local event where a community member is in need of financial assistance.


Why be stuck inside waiting for the neighborhood, when our bikes can roll right up to the neighbors! Icicle Tricycles is well versed in building custom credit union and community bank bike fleets, helping you get your credit union or community bank logo and graphics onto your new bike.

Icicle Tricycles has all your credit union and community bank bike needs.  We help in every step of the process, from creative dreaming to delivery!


If you can dream it, we can build it!  Contact us at Icicle tricycles and we can help you get your financial advice rolling!

Icicle Tricycles Credit Union Bike - Gesa CU
Icicle Tricycles Credit Union Bike – Gesa CU
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