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Choices, Choices, Choices …

Icicle Tricycles’ Frame Color Choices!

Meet the Icicle Tricycles powder-coats! Along with our full customization box options, we offer a wide variety of frame colors – a multitude of choices to accentuate and show off your brand! The perfect way to exhibit your product in just the right light!

Icicle Tricycles Experiential Marketing Bike
Icicle Tricycles Custom Powder Coat Experiential Marketing Bikes

Icicle Tricycles frames come in white, red, blue, green, black, pink, and a variety of colors in-between. We stock our colors according to demand. Contact us for our options, such as Royal Blue, Dark Red, Lime Green, Magenta, and more!

An all red cold brew coffee bike in the streets

We’re always happy to help, with plenty of experience matching customer designs to the color combo that best suits the job. We’ve seen some pretty wild stuff!

A clown riding a White framed Ice Cream Bike

Whether you’re looking for something that pops, something to blend in with the crowd, or something totally new and different, contact us when you’re ready to roll out your colors!


Cold Brew Bike


Want to create a subdued, sleek, and powerful cargo workhorse? Try black on black to promote utility and simplicity.

an All Black Icicle Tricycles Audiovisual Services Bike

The Icicle Tricycles Campus Bike - University and College Bike



How about a red hot, speedy looking race horse? Try our Red or Dark Red options to accentuate expediency and quick customer service!


A Cedar wood artisan ice cream bike with a red frame at the ocean. Children are lined up for ice cream.


Blue’s a look that’s tried and true! A frame color that’s bold and friendly at the same time! A comforting, strong color that can help accentuate a brand that speaks both friendship and business.

A blue frame cedar wood beverage cart bike in the woods

icicle tricycles popsicle bike



Create your very own green machine! A frame color to show off your company’s push for green solutions and environmental awareness. A color that’s both bold and relaxing. A great way to accentuate your brand as one that’s grounded, reliable, and easy on the eyes!



ice cream tricycle

mobile information kiosk


The go to color for catering, weddings, hotels, and more! The perfect way to stand out, while also looking approachable and easy to read. An excellent choice for brands promoting dining services, anniversaries, and weddings.


Icicle Tricycles College Campus Bike

Icicle Tricycles Experiential Marketing Bike




Show off your love! Contact us to get your pink on! A nearly perfect color for any product and for any occasion. A great way to show your love!

icicle-tricycles-water-bike-sports-marketing (1)

Bread Delivery Bike by Icicle Tricycles

Icicle Tricycles Drink Bike - Custom Marketing Bike

Start promoting or selling products with the power of environmentally sustainable mobility. Multi-color cargo bikes are ready to roll out your business plan when you are! A unique and economical approach to owning your own mobile business.

Icicle Tricycles Cupcake Bike - Pastry Bikes by Icicle Tricycles

We ship all over the U.S, Canada, and beyond! Contact us with any questions about your mobile cargo bike business needs, big or small! We are happy to share our cargo bike business advice!

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