Water Bike and Sports Bike

Icicle Tricycles builds water bikes and sports bikes! Excellent for quenching the thirst of athletes and sports fans! Whether you decide to roll out to a sporting event, fair, farmers market, parade, convention center, or anywhere thirsty  people might be, the Icicle Tricycles Sports Bike is a fantastic way to hydrate a stadium, neighborhood, or even an entire city!

Icicle Tricycles Marketing & Advertising Bike
Icicle Tricycles Water and Sports Bike – Columbia Marketing & Advertising Bike

Whether you’re looking to operate a small scale water service or to promote an existing line of water and sports products, an Icicle Tricycles Sports and Water Bike is a perfect solution. Have your own mobile water location! A superb way to market a healthy lifestyle, our Sports and Water Bike is economical and promotes an environmentally sustainable form of business.

Icicle Tricycles Water Bike - Evian
Icicle Tricycles Water Bike – Evian

Icicle Tricycles can add custom graphics to your Sports or Water Bike for branding.  We work with both small and large companies, distributors, and anyone looking to build custom sports and water bikes. Each Icicle Tricycle Water and Sports Bike is custom built for serving up water and other sports related products.

Icicle Tricycles Experiential Marketing Bike - Water Bike
Icicle Tricycles Experiential Marketing Bike – Water Bike

Combine eco-friendly, customized variety, and mobility together for a knockout Sports and Water Bike. An Icicle Tricycles Cargo Bike is a great way stay hydrated Get your water on! We would love to help get your business moving with an Icicle Tricycles Sports and Water Bike.  Contact us when you’re ready to roll.

Icicle Tricycles Experiential Marketing Bike

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