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Make Friday …Gelato Friday!

Meet the Be Good Gelato Delivery Bike – Blue! Fridays at work just got a little sweeter with Be Good Gelato’s #gelatofriday – helping hard working Torontonians to enjoy fresh made gelato at the office!

Blue – A bike specially designed for and commissioned by Be Good Gelato as a brand awareness and product sampling vehicle. “Trusty Blue has been with us from the start. He’s delivered gelato in the heat and kept his cool, seen his share of markets and has come back to do it all over again this year. You can have Blue deliver fresh gelato to you on Friday’s throughout the summer.” –

Lucky Toronto offices such as 401 Richmond, Axon Communications, and the Robertson Building have all been fortunate enough to be visited by Blue. If you’re at work in Toronto, make sure to contact Be Good Gelato to ask about #gelatofriday. You could be the next stop on Blue’s list!



If you’re not fortunate enough to be in Canada, make sure to contact us – and start your own gelato Friday company! An excellent way to start your own business …or to promote your already existing gelato enterprise! 



We’ve got plenty of options too! From our standard bikes to our wood wrap and hand-built wood panel vintage style tricycles, we build you a bike tailored to your needs.


Built to order – and ordered to be built to your specifications! Whether you decide to roll out to a hard working office building or anywhere gelato hungry people might be, an Icicle Tricycles Gelato Bike is a great way to connect with your community and local businesses. 

Our bikes are economical, easy to operate, and promote an environmentally sustainable form of business. A superb way to market the joy of gelato, coupled with a healthy way to roll it out! Contact us when you’re ready to roll.

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