Icicle Tricycles Ships to Canada!

Oh Canada!

Icicle Tricycles loves you! We have a long and dedicated history building and shipping cargo trikes to our northern neighbor. In fact, we first got our start pedaling frozen treats in Whitehorse!

Icicle Tricycles Book Bikes - bikes for book distribution, marketing, and delivery.

Living right next door to us, we believe our neighbors deserve ice cream and coffee…bikes! Many of our builds can be found rolling all over Canada. From scenic Vancouver to the metropolis of Toronto, we have a passion for getting our wheels up north!

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Friendly, economically viable, and with an almost endless potential for advertising, carrying, and delivering business potential to anywhere they can roll, our trikes have a lot in common with Canada!

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Icicle Tricycles Book Bike

Whether you’re selling a hot cup of coffee to people needing a warm up in Calgary or starting a gelato service in Toronto, Icicle Tricycles custom builds cargo bikes according to your company’s needs.


Just as well, we make sure to treat our northern neighbors right by shipping out our builds fully constructed and ready to roll when they arrive. Just hop on and ride out – that’s it!



We take great care in our builds, testing them at each step of the construction process. We love nothing more than to see our wheels hit the streets of Canada in style! Hand-built pedal-powered workhorses to get your business rolling!


A great addition to an already existing company or a perfect solution to starting a small business, an Icicle Tricycles commercial cargo bike is built to meet the expectations of just about any business venture. Also an absolutely ingenious way of blending utility and marketing with a family friendly appeal!


Our trikes can be seen rolling all over Canada – with cold brew coffee pedaled along the streets of Vancouver to popsicles rolling out in Calgary. Whether you’re in need of a standard ice cream bike or looking to roll out a fleet of cold brew coffee bikes, we’ve got Canada covered!


From Coffee and Ice Cream to large scale marketing campaigns, we build commercial cargo bikes that can be tailored to any dream – especially Canadian dreams! Icicle Tricycles ships to Canada – from Vancouver to Toronto, and more!

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Contact us today to get your Canadian business rolling!

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