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Mobile juice bars for sale! Icicle Tricycles custom builds mobile juice bars – juice bikes! Hand-built mobile beverage bar business solutions.

Violet's Cold Pressed Mobile Juice Trike

Violet's Cold Pressed Juice and Pops - Icicle Tricycles Mobile Juice Bar Trike

Excellent for the vending and distribution of fresh, cold pressed vegetable and fruit juice smoothies. Either by the bottle or fresh from a tap, Icicle Tricycles has all your mobile juice bar bike needs covered!

Icicle Tricycles Mobile Juice Bar Bike

Gush Mobile Juice Bar - Icicle Tricycles Juice Bar Bike

Whether you’re looking to operate a small scale mobile juice bar service, or to promote an existing line of juice product, an Icicle Tricycles Juice Bike is the perfect solution. Your own pedal powered, mobile juice bar! Market and sell juice at any location! 

Icicle Tricycles Cold Press Mobile Juice Bar Trike

Great for farmers markets, fairs, tailgate parties, public parks, and other events. A superb way to market  the health benefits of fruit and vegetable juice, our Juice Bike is economical and promotes an environmentally sustainable form of business.

If you’re interested in juice and doing business in the juice industry, an Ice Trike Juice Bar Bike is a great solution for marketing, vending, and distribution. Juice marketing you can pedal!

Icicle Tricycles Mobile Juice Bar Bike
Icicle Tricycles Juice Bike for Portland Juice Press

Icicle Tricycles can add custom graphics to your Juice Bike for branding. We work with both small and large companies, distributors, and anyone looking to build custom juice bar bikes – smoothie bikes, cocktail bikes, kombucha bikes, and more!

Mobile juice bar bikes by icicle tricycles

Each Icicle Tricycles Mobile Juice Bar Bike is custom built for serving vegetables and fruit juice. We offer a variety of methods to keep things cool!


Be it our famous insulation package or a nitro system to pull fresh, cold juice right from a spigot! Icicle Tricycles can plumb multiple taps for different kinds of juices.

Peel'd Pure Vibrance - Fresh Produce Delivery Bike

If you’re in the juice business, it’s safe to say you’re passionate about health and wellness. So are we! Pedal and drink your way to health and happiness with an IceTrike!

Icicle Tricycles Mobile Juice Bars - Nekter Juice Bar Bike
Icicle Tricycles – Nekter Juice Bike

Our Juice Bikes are a great way to quench the thirst for fresh nutrients, as well as a great tool for shaping up leg muscles. Combine eco-friendly, customized variety, and pedal powered mobility together for a knockout mobile juice bar.

Icicle Tricycles Cold Press Juice Bike - Portland Juice Press
Icicle Tricycles Cold Press Juice Bike – Portland Juice Press

Pedal to health! We’d love to help get your juice business rolling with an IceTrike Juice Tricycle! Contact us when you’re ready to roll!

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