The Corona Beer Bike | Icicle Tricycles Beverage Advertising Solutions

Icicle Tricycles just stashed a bunch of cold Coronas into a bike for Kenny Chesney! Meet the Corona Light Beer Bike! We’re excited to have built the world’s first pedal-powered Corona Light delivery machine. A beer bike specially designed for and commissioned by Corona as a brand awareness and product sampling vehicle. A promotional bike … Read more

Icicle Tricycle Cupcake Bike

Icicle Tricycles hand builds custom Pastry Delivery Bikes! Cupcake Bikes, Donut Bikes, Wedding Cake Bikes, Pie Bikes, Bread Delivery Trikes, and more. You bake it, we help you roll it! Icicle Tricycles has a long history helping bakers roll out their business plans. We love to get hot baked goods their own wheels!   Be … Read more

Coco Libre Coconut Water Bike | The Icicle Tricycles Electrolytes Machine

Icicle Tricycles just went coconuts! We’re excited to have built one of the world’s first coconut water bikes! Contacted by Coco Libre to construct them a product sampling and marketing bike for their signature coconut water brand. A delicious, thirst quenching pedal-powered electrolytes machine! Excellent for quenching the thirst of athletes and parched sports fans anywhere. … Read more

Grocery Delivery by Bicycle | The IceTrike Grocery Delivery Bike!

Icicle Tricycles Builds Grocery Bikes! For Grocery Marketing, Distribution, and Delivery Services. Icicle Tricycles builds Grocery Delivery Bikes! The IceTrike Grocery Bike is a perfect marriage between grocery store marketing and grocery delivery. It’s common these days to see grocery delivery trucks rumbling through suburbs, and bike messengers whizzing around with overloaded bike bags. We’re … Read more

Icicle Tricycle Cupcake Bike

Icicle Tricycles has a long tradition of helping pastry vendors rolling by bike! We have built pie trikes, muffin bikes, and cupcake bikes! Brown Betty contacted Icicle Tricycles to build a custom Cupcake Bike for vending and catering events by bike!

Ice Cream Bike Office Party!

Icicle Tricycles loves building custom Ice Cream Bikes for sale, but we like pedaling our Ice Cream Bike even more! We pedal our own Icicle Tricycle Ice Cream Bike to gigs and events all over town!  We are often invited to deliver our frozen treats by Ice Cream Bike to office parties, summer camps, birthday … Read more

Pedaling an Icicle Tricycle Ice Cream Bike to Canada!

Icicle Tricycle’s legendary humble beginnings began in the Great Snowy North known as Canada… the first pedaling of an Icicle Tricycle took place in Whitehorse, Yukon and the rest is history!  Decades later, as we help other people start their ice cream bike business, we are always excited to help fellow Canadians get pedaling with … Read more

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