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Icicle Tricycles just stashed a bunch of cold Coronas into a bike for Kenny Chesney! Meet the Corona Light Beer Bike! We’re excited to have built the world’s first pedal-powered Corona Light delivery machine. A beer bike specially designed for and commissioned by Corona as a brand awareness and product sampling vehicle. A promotional bike built for the 2015 Kenny Chesney music tour – a perfect match-up to quench the thirst of thousands of fans!

Icicle Ticycles Corona Beer Bike - Beverage and Food Vending Cart Trike
Icicle Tricycles Corona Beer Bike – Beverage and Food Vending Cart

Contact us if you’re looking to vend or promote beer on a bike! An excellent way to market cold suds, music, and festivities. We’ve got options too – ranging from our standard insulation to our nitro systems for pouring beer straight from the tap! Whether you decide to roll out to a sporting event, fair, farmers market, parade, convention center, or anywhere beer thirsty people might be, an Icicle Tricycles Beer Bike is a fantastic way to hydrate a tailgate party, stadium, or even an entire city!

Whether you’re looking to operate a small scale beer service or to promote an already existing product line, an Icicle Tricycles Beer Bike or Beverage Dispenser Bike is a perfect solution. Economical, eco-friendly, and promotes an environmentally sustainable form of business. A superb way to market the joy of beer drinking, coupled with a healthy way to roll it out. Contact us when you’re ready to ride!

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